About Us

Hobby Logistics LLC was founded in 2006 by a group of modelers to provided needed logistics and retailing services to the regions hobby community.

Located in the "RC Capital of the World", Champaign, IL USA, our strategic location gives us the ability to ship product from the same geographic location as the largest RC distributors in the world, as well as the speed and cost effectiveness to deliver shipments within 3 days or less to customers in the 48 contiguous states through economical standard ground shipment.

Hobby Logistics is managed by a staff of experienced modelers with over 50+ years of combined RC industry service. From product and inventory management to buying, from marketing to customer service, Hobby Logistics has the experience and staff to help you maximize your products sales and support.

By using Order Fulfillment by Hobby Logistics™, your company in complete control to decide which of your products are made available to the USA Market, how much is stocked to fill demand, what price your products are sold for, and what type of marketing and advertising is needed to make your business successful.

With Order Fulfillment by Hobby Logistics™ you can increase your profits by eliminating the high margins required from most distributors, or you can reduce your product's pricing to improve your pricing position in the marketplace.

Partnering with a unique company like Hobby Logistics will allow you to expanding your business and market share in the USA for the future. More Control, More Profits, Less Hassle, that's Hobby Logistics.

Additional Holdings

In addition to our logistics services, Hobby Logistics LLC's additional holdings include our highly successful retailing division, AdvantageHobby.com, also founded in 2006.

Since its inception, AdvantageHobby.com has grown quickly to become one of the largest volume on-line retailers of RC products in the USA, with more than 110,000 products currently available from over 350 manufacturers.

For a complete listing of the custom Logistics, Order Fulfillment, and Marketing services we can offer, please visit our "Services" page for more information.

A note from our Managing Director

Thank you for visiting Hobby Logistics. Our goal is to provide all hobby manufactures with a low cost, viable means to grow your business through distribution of your products to USA customers quickly and effectively. We offer custom affordable Logistics plans to fit every manufacturers needs, from 1 SKU to more than 10,000 SKU's.

We thank you for your time, and we look forward to serving your companies Logistics needs in the future.

Len Sabato
Best Regards,
Len Sabato
Managing Director
Hobby Logistics LLC